Josh's English Boom 

Created in collaboration with China's largest podcasting app 喜马拉雅 (Ximalaya), Josh's English Boom uses drama, humor, topical discussions, and bilingual explanation to teach natural English conversation. New shows are launched every day Monday-Friday, and interactive live podcasts are every Wednesday night.

Making Friends with Foreigners

Josh and Daniel take the listener through the highlights and critical techniques of their book Making Friends with Foreigners in this pay-to-listen podcast, produced in collaboration with Ximalaya.

Off Topic

When you're making pay-to-listen shows like English Boom and MFwF, you have to make sure your content is sharp, pithy, unimpeachably useful... and that can be exhausting. This is the album where all of the off-topic, edited-out, completely-useless-but-hopefully-kind-of-fun words I said while recording the other podcasts end up. I might even update it sometime in the future, I promise!


Oh boy, oh geez, oh man, so I need to get some samples from the studios, but I will put them where when I do. I also record at home so if you need an event announcer or an aboleth on a tight budget or schedule, I got u. For now tho u gonna have to hit me up for deets: contact@ogden-davis.com

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