Making Friends with Foreigners

Conversation is an essential part of any language learning process, but when your language skills are still developing, how can you engage in meaningful and interesting conversation? How can you avoid cultural pitfalls and ensure that others enjoy talking with you?

Written by Joshua Ogden-Davis and Daniel Zhou, Making Friends with Foreigners provides a complete system to help Chinese students of English master the cultural and conversational skills necessary for natural, fruitful English conversation.

Published in 2017 by Xiron, Making Friends with Foreigners spent several weeks at the top of JD's "New Language Learning Bestseller" list. It was reprinted in 2018 and is available from all Chinese digital booksellers, including: 

Josh and Daniel have taken multiple speaking tours around China, sponsored by Xinhua and local educational bureaus. To book them for a speaking event, interview, or other appearance, please write:

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